The Resurgence of Racing Blood... / Part Five

by .59

Tokyo1:53 AM

Everyone waits in silence for quite a while.. once the silence becomes too much, radio messages start being relayed.

No response.

This was a bad situation... a very bad situation... after hearing no activity over the radio for a while, things get sorta worrisome.

Stef calls up pav and they go speeding off down the course in the aristo to find out what's happening. because even in the most serious of races, OZ responds to the radio atleast after a while. this time there was no response. at all.

The crowd knew there was something wrong aswell, because «
Tokyo's Fastest» was scrambling about anxiously aswell. the second in command had to get hold of taka, who owns a S75-AMG to transport the leader back.. or to the hospital, because even though we're bitter rivals, stef had the courtesy to alert them that there had been a collision.

796ps and 1380kg of black aristo is flying up the wangan as if it were in a race, spitting huge orange flames on every upshift as pav pushes the car to the redline on every change going up the nearly empty bayside line.

Tokyo's Fastest»'s taka and hiroki also seem pretty worried as the powered-up S-Class is moving in a similar fashion toward the crash scene.

Back in the garage, Dal gets wind of police activity and tells pav to watch his speed... which is about 322km/h at the moment, and he's nearing the crash scene. so being precautionary, he remotely flips down the blackout license plate cover and presses on.

As they near the fukagawa line, stef begins to hear sirens, and seconds later they pass those sirens that just happen to be on the way to the exact same inncident, as pav still hasnt slowed down yet.

The S75 is not too far behind when the silver flash of their car also catches the police offguard.

As they near the wreck, there's increased traffic since the entire freeway is blocked.. so naturally things are slowed down to a crawl, and the S-Class catches up with the aristo.

The two cars ride the shoulder until they reach the crash. and the entire time, they see flashes going off and people staring over at the incredibly done-up VIP cars.. they press on, ignoring the attention. as they get closer, they see an orange glow and know things cant be good. it's just as bad as they thought.. all the cars involved are in flames thanks to the flammable load the truck was carrying.. the F1 is crumpled up like a ball of paper. the only things recognizable on it are a few suspension pieces and the wheels.. the mirage didnt fare much better. the frame's mostly intact.. but the body melted off long ago.. and those magnesium wheels are just magnesium chunks on the ground..

Feroci rushes over to the flaming debris pile first... the mirage is empty.. and there's nothing there.. there is a visible pool of blood a few feet away... but that doesnt make sense.. there's blood but no body? whatever, there are other things to worry about. seeing no signs of OZ, they look for other drivers affected. they first go to the truck.. the innocent bystanders in the collision, and pulls them from the wreckage unconscious. being a lawyer, pav knows the extent to which they can help in this situation. he and stef pulls them from the wreckage and makes sure they're safe until the proper authorities arrive. «
Tokyo's Fastest» members on the scene have extinguishers in hand as they battle through flame to get to their leader.. and the ceo of their company. they finally get to the car and kick the roof off the remains of the charred mclaren they pull the leader free... unconscious. he looks to have a broken leg aswell.. "couldve been worse" taka says pointing at the truck's rear bumper which is lodged about 14cm from the driver's seat through the front window. he seems fine for the most part, besides that broken leg ofcourse. they hop back into the S with their battered leader and speed off to the nearest hospital.

Pav and stef have a worse job. they have to wait until the police get there and tell what happened... and there's still the matter of OZ being nowhere in sight.

The police, paramedics, and fire department arrive a few minutes later and thank them for their services... and also want to give them a good round of questioning.. back at the police station.

Not happening.

Stef and pav hop back into the car and speed off toward the C1 line while being chased by 5 police cars. 2 Crowns, a Gloria, an R34, and that bastard undercover cop in that yellow RX-7... only the RX-7 is a threat for catching them. they go blasting around the nearly-empty C1 which is basically deserted thanks to the traffic blockage a few km back. they reach the offramp that takes you to the yokohane line and floor it back down to the wangan to hide the car. the RX-7 ended up overheating, and no description of the car was made in the heat of the chase.

So all was basically well.. besides the injured racers.. the burned wrecks of the cars..


In all of this noone has yet found or heard from OZ.. where is he? is he even alive?

Everyone waits in suspense when they finally get a call from a local hospital.. it's OZ. he's just fine.. just a few cuts, a broken thumb, and a sprained wrist.

"How'd you get THERE?!" uzer asked.

"Funny story actually... i was sitting there stuck in my car unconscious, and i woke up... not 30 seconds after the accident. i felt the glass from my windscreen hit my face... that's where my cuts came from.." he said, sounding somewhat annoyed. "sorry!" is heard in the background. "there was some guy on my bonnet kicking at the glass to wake me up, and he pulled me out. i didnt recognise him until he took me to his car... it was the same white car i had seen behind me for most of the race as a matter of fact."

"So who was it?" uzer asks.

"Pink wheels."

"Oh." uzer says.. "well.. get your ass better, because you still have racing to do!" he says jokingly. they both laugh and end the phone call.

But uzer still has something less than a smile on his face after the good news.

Atsushi (the executive) wasnt the fastest driver on the team.. he just had the most expensive car. now that he's below his best, he may decide to hand over the car to the team's fastest driver... fujita ikeda.. "macabre" once that name was heard, things got serious. macabre has actually killed other drivers while racing in his 16 years of street racing. with no remorse.

Winning is the ONLY thing that matters in his book. so feroci may be getting into more than it can handle with this rivalry.

"This is the resurgence of racing blood indeed." uzer thinks before he relays the good... and bad news.

The End